Authentic Tastes with quality ingredients

When Traditional Mixes with Modern

Red Pepper has taken over the ownership of the previous location and started its new journey in 2015. The owner is dedicated to providing the most authentic taste of the original Szechuanese cuisine with secret recipes. On top of that, by broadening the food selection and adding more modern ways of cooking, Red Pepper is able to service a wide range of foodies from various Seattle communities. 

"...I always have craving to go back for more! The food, and the atmosphere, really remind me of Sichuan, China! ..."  
                                                             -- from Cindy,Seattle


The Best Chinese Stir Fry in Seattle WA

Our Mission

... is to always have the freshest, quality ingredient, the most authentic taste for Seattle communities!

Food Made With Szechaun & Chinese Herbs and Spices - Seattle WA

Traditional Flavors

Tradition Chinese Cuisine in a Modern Atmosphere in Seattle WA

Modern Atmosphere

Red Pepper is a unique dining experience in Seattle WA

Unique Dining Experience

"This restaurant brings authentic Chinese food which you can actually find in China. This makes me miss home. We only tried two dishes but will definitely come back for more."  

                                                    -- from Cyi L., WA

"...we have tried new dishes each time and they have all been delicious."
                                                    -- from J. C., WA

"Been here almost every month. Love the pork and pepper and stir fry chicken and chicken try pot. Authentic Sichuan food. Not very spicy so even you cannot eat spicy, it's also going to be okay."
                                                    -- from J. Z., Seattle

"Clean environment. Speedy service. The dishes are authentic and good. the spicy level is just right. Recommend for those who want to have a Sichuan food quick bite."

                                                    -- from Rh. X., WA

"This place has pretty good Sichuan food with the right spicy level. The twice cooked prok is really good.  Servers are nice too!"
                                                    -- from Yich L., CA

"Order spicy hot pot with 6 ingredients, super tasty and very spicy! If you are looking for Sichuan food in UD, this is the place!"

                                                    -- from Je. L., Seattle